Just this last week a dear friend shared this excerpt with me. Her son, who was taken from her just a little more than a year ago, had bookmarked these particular words in one of his favorite books.

” For me such moments are open invitations to closeness with God.  Nature at work isn’t itself God, but it is evidence of Him, and by letting myself be drawn into it’s depths and intrigues, I can come near to Him: see the glory of His creation, feel the salve of His grace.”  ~CASH, Autobiography of Johnny Cash with Patrick Carr.


What great insight!! What a wonderful glimpse for this mom into the life/thoughts of her college aged son- that these particular words, he deemed “bookmark worthy” and even made note inside the front cover to the direct page….

I just had to contemplate the words….

The Beauty & Magnificence of Nature IS evidence of God.
By allowing myself to be drawn into the wonder of nature I can draw near to him.

I can’t even touch the next phrase just reflect on it…. see the GLORY of his creation…. FEEL the Salve of His Grace…

These words were in my thoughts as my kids and I went on a hike this weekend and spent time canoeing at a nearby lake.  As we beheld the beauty of nature …. from the beauty of  the forest, the calming ripples on the lake, the fragile/graceful wings of the butterfly as it flies, the coolness of the autumn air (OK so it’s not quite fall,.but certainly the wonderful crispness is in the air as it is approaching), the rain refreshing as it lightly drizzles- I am reminded that in an infinite number of  wonderful ways God reveals himself to us.