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I have a plan.........                                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo Credit: Dreamtime.com 

Proverbs 20:24

Man’s steps are ordered by the LORD,

How then can man understand his way?

Matthew Henry Commentary excerpt:
“We have no foresight of future events, and therefore know not how to forecast for them: How can a man understand his own way? How can he tell what will befall him, since God’s counsels concerning him are secret, and therefore how can he of himself contrive what to do without divine direction? We so little understand our own way that we know not what is good for ourselves, and therefore we must make a virtue of necessity, and commit our way unto the Lord, in whose hand it is, follow the guidance and submit to the disposal of Providence.”


Sometimes I think I have life all figured out… I have “Plans” on how /what I would like to see transpire in my life and of course a time frame. The problem is I have a very limited view and regretfully it’s normally “self-focused”. If I have a choice, I may go with comfortable and easy, but God has bigger plans for me and my life. It is not necessarily about my comfort or liking certain parts of the journey but for helping me to grow closer to him. I see things and foolishly try to plan my steps but I only think I can have a certain amount of control. Truthfully I can’t even direct my next breath. I can’t see what is ahead …joy, heartbreak, blessing, devastation… He can! He can see my yesterdays, and all of my tomorrows. He sees the inside & out of my life (past present & future) and all the lives past, present & future of the peoples who’s walk comes in touch with mine. I can only see my limited human tunnel vision of now.

WOW!!!! … Overwhelming just thinking of how Great God is and how I KNOW I can trust myself to his direction, his guidance (beyond what I can understand, beyond what I can see)